AMHS Reform subcommittee meeting

Feb 5 2019 - 1:30pm
Dial 1 (877) 378-0449 and enter 8249 4332

Attached is draft text for a handout to accompany the brochure and amplify key points.

  • The handout would be printed double-sided, incorporate some design elements and maps from the brochure, and be on heavier paper (like a postcard).
  • This will be finalized for legislative meetings and other outreach.
  • The recent news stories and discussions on the Alaska Class Ferries illustrate how AMHS is impacted by short-term decision making, but is this kind of statement better verbalized?
    • For example, the new Alaska Class Ferries were continually redesigned over five administrations and were, until recently, left out of the schedule.

These are draft documents and are not for distribution or use until finalized. It is a work in progress and we invite your input to improve them.